Our Summer College was held in 2015 and was a chance to reflect on what we have learnt and continue to learn through our Good Life Program and the National Decongregation Policy in our shared journey with people who choose to use the Service.

The college was opened by Senator David Norris and programme consisted of the following workshops:

Week 1:
The Foundations of a Good Life
Social Role Valorisation (4 day workshop)
Week 2:
The Practicalities of a Good Life
  • Supported Employment / Choice – Choose it of Lose it
  • Systematic Instruction / Listening to Behaviour
  • What is Home? / Meaningful Relationships
  • Meaningful day / Discovery and Planning
Week 3:
The Good Life
  • Building Constructive Relationships between family and services
  • Inclusive Lifestyles
Week 4:
Celebration of a Good Life
  • My Home, My Style
  • Irish Traditional Creativity – Basket Weaving
  • Let’s Dance – all you need to know to Jive!
  • Self Defence for the discerning adult plus Ceili Mor and Fish Supper
Week 5:
How Far we have come
  • Roles Tour/Discovery Critique and Planning Workshop
  • Roles Tour / Our Stories so far
  • Roles Tour / Next Steps plus Halloween BBQ and Live Music
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