The major goal of Social Role Valorization (SRV) is to create or support socially valued roles for people in their society because if a person holds valued social roles, that person is highly likely to receive from society those good things in life that are available to that society.

A few examples of these good things in life would include:

–          Dignity

–          Respect

–          Acceptance

–          A sense of belonging

–          An education

–          The development of one’s capacities

–          A voice in the community and society

–          Opportunities to participate

–          A decent material standard of living

–          A normative place to live

–          Opportunities for work and self-support

SRV is relevant to two classes of people in society: those who are already societally devalued, and those that are at heightened risk of becoming devalued.

Discovery forms part of the practical application of Social Role Valorization (a qualitative research method – Wolf Wolfensburg). It attempts to learn something new and unique about the person by a serious of intentional activities and applying the theories of SRV. It is through this process that we learn what skills, attributes and assets the individual possess, what needs and wants are most pressing and what their true motivation for life is.

This process forms the basis of the planning needs and supports the person to live a self-directed life.

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