St. Margaret’s Centre is a service based in a congregated setting. We started the ‘Independent Living Programme’ with a number of residents at St. Margaret’s Centre, Donnybrook, in 2011.

St. Margaret’s engaged and consulted with residents, their families and extended supports to develop ‘St. Margaret’s Pathway’ grounded in the SSDL (Supported Self Directed Living) Pathway.

St. Margaret’s reviewed, reconfigured and reshaped the services to support each person to journey from institutional living to their own home.

St. Margaret’s supported the first person living in a congregated setting at Donnybrook, to move to her own home in January 2013.

A Genio Trust grant supported the implementation of our new Vision.  St. Margaret’s also engaged in a research study carried out by  Professor Roy McConkey, Ulster University on behalf of  Genio: “An Evaluation of Personalised Supports to Individuals with Disabilities(2013) which reviewed the impact of independent living on those who had just moved and also the  long-term impact  of a move to independent living.

St. Margaret’s “Transforming Lives” project was established in 2012. St. Margaret’s now supports 14 people who have moved to their own homes.  This has been achieved by reconfiguration of staffing and individualized supports, with no extra funding to 2017.

St. Margaret’s continues to implement this Strategy to deliver long-term sustainable services.



      Strategic Plan

St. Margaret’s implemented the Strategic Plan since 2012, rooted in the HSE “Time to Move on from Congregated Settings – A Strategy for Community Inclusion(2011)”, and  taking account of:

The National Disability Strategy 2011 (Adopted by National Partnership Agreement 2016) The NDS is the focus of Government Policy on the Disability Sector.  The NDS is based on legislation and brings together six Government Departments (Health, Social Protection, Transport, Environment, Employment and Communications)

The Implementation Plan for the NDS includes timescales and targets to be completed within current available resources.

The implementation Plan for Health Service Executive on “Time to Move on from Congregated Settings – a Strategy for Community Inclusion”, to be completed within available resources

The National Housing Strategy for People with a Disability (2011-2016), focussing on accessing sustainable housing


  • The National Disability Inclusion Strategy 2017-2021
  • Our Vision of Rights and Citizenship
  • Our Mission of Social Inclusion and Empowerment
  • Our Goal of Accountability to the People We Serve


Our Values – to Enable, Empower and Inspire each person to live a life of their choosing, according to their will and preference with the appropriate supports and services.  This Vision is underpinned by the core values of Dignity, Compassion, Justice, Quality and  Advocacy



Strategic Vision

  • Deinstitutionalization of St Margaret’s Centre
  • We will support each individual to transition from St. Margaret’s Centre to live an ordinary life in their own home.
  • We will deliver individualized supports and services to people living at home and in their community to support them achieve autonomy and independence, to live a life of their choosing according to their will and preference.
  • We will support a values driven quality service for people we support and their families
  • We will extract learning from the processes we undertake, capture the experience of change to inform us as we improve and refine our supports and services to significantly improve the lives of the people we serve.



Strategic Pillars


The implementation of the strategy has 9 Strategic Pillars that underpin our Strategic Aims:


  1. Establish a structural and operational service model to deliver both the transition from institutional services and individualized service at home and in the community.
  2. To establish a financial model to deliver a sustainable service.
  3. Establish a fully integrated skilled support team for individualized services.
  4. Establish a values based, needs driven services, based on the core values of Dignity, Compassion, Justice, Quality & Advocacy.
  5. Establish a programme of quality services and supports.
  6. Develop quality supports in HR, Finance, ICT and Management that is responsive to changing needs in the sector.
  7. To establish governance to support the successful delivery of the service model.
  8. To build a reputation based service.
  9. To provide a framework to support the delivery, monitoring and review of the operational plan for the service delivery,



Strategic Aims


Strategic Aim 1

To establish an entity, ‘St Margaret’s Services’, with authorisation of responsibilities, controls and compliance with legislation and regulatory standards and with the governance to implement,  review and support the Strategic Plan as outlined in this document.

Develop integrated systematic approach in Education, Training and Development, HR & Resources Management, Financial Management, ICT and Housing & Facilities that will assure quality services and continuous quality improvement


Strategic Aim 2

To establish active supports and services for current residents at St. Margaret’s Centre, as they make their own choices and take their place in the community.


We will ensure the active involvement of residents and their families in all decision making.  We will provide support for their informed decision making and facilitate them to make the move to community living and to be in control of their own lives.


Strategic Aim 3

To establish flexible responsive services for people who have moved to their own home and for those requiring supports to develop, grow and mature to take their place in their community.

We will work with each individual, their family and their circle of support to establish a relationship that will enable them to develop socially valued roles in and of their community.


Strategic Aim 4

To establish a fully integrated and skilled support team to deliver our Mission.

We will establish a skills framework for the new supports and services model by evaluating existing resources:

  • Review existing skills set.
  • Identify additional supports.
  • Establish the implementation plan.

This will lead to a strengthening and reshaping of the   team to successfully deliver  a future of supports and services which reflects our Mission.


Strategic Aim 5

To deliver a trusted and reputable service that enables users of our service to live a good life of their choosing.

We will establish, from the outset, a strong identity and reputation for delivering on our Mission.


 Strategic Aim 6

To establish trusted and professional relationships with the HSE as service commissioners, HIQA, Local Authorities, Housing Bodies and other stakeholders.



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