Our Vision

Our vision is of communities where all citizens live socially inclusive lives, occupy valued social roles and receive the services and supports that they require according to their individual needs.

Our Mission

To build sustainable supports and services for people to live fully inclusive lives, that they control at the heart of their family, community and society.
In pursuit of our Mission:
  • We will respectfully support the physical, social, spiritual, vocational, educational and welfare needs of each person who uses our services
  • We will provide services that supports each person to know and exercise their rights as equal citizens
  • We will support and reinforce the person’s natural support network within their family, friends and community, and work to enable and empower them in their life choices
  • We will develop and deliver individualised, flexible, responsive services that energetically promote social inclusion and further develop their natural supports within their community

Our Values

Our services are driven by our Vision and Mission and are underpinned by the core values of
Dignity, Compassion, Justice, Quality and Advocacy
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