• Breda O’Neill
    Breda O’Neill Chief Executive
  • Gale Devosce
    Gale Devosce HR External Consultant
  • Barry Moriarty
    Barry Moriarty Office of the CEO Financial Services
  • Sr. Eileen Mary Durack
    Sr. Eileen Mary Durack Pastoral Care
  • Amy Murphy
    Amy Murphy Head of Person Support Services
  • Sandra Keenan
    Sandra Keenan Housing/Health & Safety Coordinator
  • Geraldine Walsh
    Geraldine Walsh General Services Manager
  • John Brennan
    John Brennan Manager of Person Support Services Person in Charge (PIC)
  • Sebastian Baby
    Sebastian Baby Person Support Leader
  • Sarah Jane O’Halloran
    Sarah Jane O’Halloran Person Support Leader
  • Kate Finnegan
    Kate Finnegan Person Support Leader
  • Person Support Coordinator
    Person Support Coordinator Person Support Coordinator
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